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Last Update: 11-12-2023
About the Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, as the first department of the faculty of Science began its formal activities in 1990 in one of the old buildings of the faculty of Agriculture, and started admitting students to program in undergraduate pure chemistry in same year.

After the first group of students graduated in 1994,  department of chemistry has expanded new areas of its activities in the field of education and research with adoption graduate student in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry.

Then MS and PhD programs in various branches of chemistry established in period of 2001 to 2014 :

  • 2001 Inorganic chemistry, PhD
  • 2002 Applied chemistry, BS
  • 2003 Organic chemistry, PhD
  • 2007 Analytical chemistry, PhD
  • 2011 Applied chemistry, MS
  • 2011 Polymer chemistry, MS
  • 2011 (winter) Physical chemistry, PhD
  • 2014 (winter) Nano chemistry, MS


Presently, this department is benefiting of 33 faculty members, there are educating approximately about 100 students in BS, MS and PhD in six departments of Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Nano Chemistry.


Organic Chemistry:

  1. Ali Ramezani, Professor
  2. Farideh Piri, Assistant professor
  3. Mokhtar Ali Nia asli, Assistant professor
  4. Nematollah Arshadi, Assistant professor
  5. Nader NoshiranZadeh,  Assistant professor
  6. Fariba Saadati, Assistant professor
  7. Farhad kabiri Esfahani, Assistant professor
  8. Seyed Jamal Tabatabaei, Assistant professor

Applied Chemistry:

  1. Mohammad Hossein rasoulifard, Associate professor
  2. Rahmat ollah Por Ata, Assistant professor
  3. Parvaneh Nakhostin Panahi, Assistant professor
  4. Mir Saeed Seyed Dorraji, Assistant professor
  5. Hoda Nasira, Scholarships

Physical Chemistry:

  1. Morteza Vahedpour, Professor
  2. Muhammad Shadman, Assistant professor
  3. Hamid Arjmandfar, Assistant professor
  4. Manijeh Tozihi, Scholarships
  5. Hamed Bahrami, Assistant professor
  6. Mahboobe Behroozi, Assistant professor

Inorganic Chemistry:

  1. Hassan Hosseini-Monfared, Professor
  2. Hashem Shahroosvand, Associate professor
  3. Massomeh Ghorbanloo, Assistant professor
  4. Mohammad Ali Rezvani, Assistant professor
  5. Maryam Shaterian, Assistant professor

Analytical Chemistry:

  1. Mohammad Reza Yaftian, Professor
  2. Naser Dalali, Associate professor
  3. Mohammad Ali Kamyabi, Associate professor
  4. Siavash Nouroozi, Assistant professor
  5. Mahnaz Esteki, Assistant professor
  6. Bahman Farajmand, Assistant professor
  7. Hassan Shayanijam, Assistant professor

Polymer Chemistry:

  1. Ebrahim Ahmadi, Assistant professor
  2. Sohrab Rahmani, Assistant professor

Retired Colleagues:

  1. Ali Akbar soudi, professor, Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Abbas Aziziyan, Assistant professor, Organic Chemistry
  3. Ali Asghar Torabi, Assistant professor, Physical Chemistry


Experts Group:

  1. Mr. Hossein Farzaneh, NMR
  2. Ms. Masomeh Pari Nejad, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  3. Ms. Nahid Shah Bakhsh, Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Ms. Negin Sabahi, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
  5. Ms. Leyla Davarpanah, Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  6. Ms. Sakineh Mohammadi, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

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